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The Dark Divine / Bree Despain
This book has a little something for everyone: a little mystery, romance, fantasy, and the need to know what will happen to Grace next.
(Mary Jo from MPL)

Divergent / Veronica Roth
Beatrice's dystopian Chicago is divided into five factions, each based on a different virtue. As she moves from one extreme to another she discovers much about herself, her family and her society: part of a series.
(Ruth from WCV)

The Fault in Our Stars / John Green
A story that makes you think about ALL aspects of cancer and living life to the fullest. It will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. A must read for all.
(Darlene from LWM)

Handbook for Boys: A Novel / Walter Dean Meyers
This is a story about making a difference in someone’s life and well worth the time it will take to read it.
(Mary Jo from MPL)

The Kill Order / James Dashner
Mark is a young man who grows up in New York City. His friend, a neighbor by the name of Trina, and Mark are riding in a subtrans when the power goes out and they are forced to evacuate into the tunnels to find an escape route. As they near the surface, they find that the sun has gone into hyper-drive, bombarding the Earth with solar radiation, and they see people being melted like candles before their eyes. What follows is the story of Mark and Trina as they try to survive in a harsh new world, where everything they've ever known is gone, and they only have each other to rely on.
(Brandon from CHE)

Matched / Allyson Condie
In the popular vein of YA books exploring post-apocalyptic futures, this first book of a trilogy gives readers a perspective of a society denied choices. In the "perfect" system of matching, the Officials select everything from the perfect job to the perfect meal to the perfect mate for each citizen. Even the media is narrowed to 100 select poems and songs. Through the eyes of 17 year-old Cassia, we quickly discover that this seeming utopia is nothing but a world denied the beauty to choose. And when Cassia chooses her own poetry and her own match, an outsider named Ky, she chooses the "wrong" side.
(Bethany Boutin, SCS Circulation Clerk)

The Messy One / Christianne Jones
A fun tale about Vivienne's messy room and what happens when she loses her favorite necklace.
(Andrea Mucha from Warren Dorothy Busch)

Miss Lina's Ballerinas / Grace Maccarone
A class of eight ballerinas who dance neatly in two rows of four learn that it is just as delightful to dance in three rows of three in this charming picture book.
(Barb from CHE and SHL)


A Monster Calls / Patrick Ness
Conor O'Malley is watching his mother slowly succumb to cancer. In the night a real monster comes to call forcing Conor to face the truth he keeps hidden from himself. This emotionally powerful story, done in graphic novel format, was based on notes left by children's author Siobhan Dowd. Siobhan Dowd passed away from breast cancer in 2007.
(Kathleen from SCS)

Moon Over Manifest / Clare Vanderpool
It's 1936 when Abilene's father drops her off in Abilene, Kansas to be taken care of by the townspeople. This is a coming of age story with mystery and adventure; Newbery Award winner, great for older kids.
(Debbie from SHL)

Quarantine / Lex Thomas
David has had a rough time since his mother passed away. Now, he finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him with the guy who replaced him as quarterback when he quit the team. To top it all off, he gets in a fight with him at a party, and now the whole team hates him. So, on the first day of school, he goes in dreading what the school year may bring. What he never expects is that he, his ex-girlfriend, and the entire football team who hates him will be quarantined in the school due to a biological attack.
(Brandon from CHE)

Rot and Ruin / Jonathan Maberry
Benny Imura was 18 months old when First Night, the day the dead came back to life, happened and his brother Tom spirited him away from their home at the behest of his mother. He can still see her, arms reaching out the window as his father attacks her from behind. To this day, Benny has never forgiven his brother for leaving behind his mother, and thinks of him as a coward, even though people around their town view him as one of the toughest bounty hunters they have ever seen.
(Brandon from CHE)

The Survivors / Will Weaver
In this sequel to Memory Boy, Miles and his family continue trying to survive in a post-disaster United States and find they have strengths and skills they never dreamed they possessed.
(Barb from CHE and SHL)

Wild Geese Flying / Cornelia Meigs
The suspense and action in the story hooked me as I sat in the doctor's waiting room. I only discovered Cornelia Meigs as an adult.
(RSV Sub)

Wonder / R. J. Palacio
August might not look normal, having been born with facial deformities, but inside, he's the same as any other kid his age. A must read for anyone who has ever been bullied.
(Rebecca from SCS)

BCD = Book on CD, BLU = Blu-ray Disc, CD = Compact Disc, DVD = Digital Video Disc, EB = eBook, FIC = Fiction, LT = Large Type, MeLCat = MeLCat material, NONFIC - Fiction, PL = Playaway, PS3 = Playstation 3 Game