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Doctor Who / BBC Video
After watching this show for over a year, I still cannot properly explain this show to anyone. It will make you laugh, cry, lose sleep, and punch the wall. I love this show too much.
(Christa from RSV)

Firefly: The Complete Series / Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
I remember watching this series through in two days, and then again a week later. This cancelled Western/Sci-fi/Japanese show that only lasted one season needs to grace your television.
(Christa from RSV)

Gravity / Alfonso Cuarón
A visually stunning portrayal of a tragic event in space, set in our technological era. Clooney plays the sure and ‘charming American’ veteran Astronaut with aplomb, while Bullock’s grief-ridden scientist evokes sympathy as she navigates crisis after crisis on her maiden voyage in space.
(Ken SLC)

Her / Warner Bros. Entertainment
This is so much more than "man falls in love with computer." It's funny, sad, surprisingly sexy, and a terrific meditation on the nature of relationships and the alienation of the digital age.
(Lauren from SLC)

360 = Xbox 360, BCD = Book on CD, BD = Blu-ray Disc, CD = Compact Disc, DVD = Digital Video Disc, EB = eBook, FIC = Fiction, LT = Large Type, MeLCat = MeLCat material, NONFIC = Non-Fiction, PL = Playaway, PS3 = Playstation 3 Game


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit / Paramount Pictures Corporation
Generic action thriller based on the Tom Clancy character. Worthwhile watching for the noted director of Shakespearean plays and other films to also do a turn as the villain!
(Dominic from ROG)

Mandatory Fun / “Weird Al” Yankovic
The parodist with longevity returns! Although his polka medley of contemporary hits is hilarious, "First World Problems", a style parody of the alternative rock group The Pixies, is particularly recommended.
(Dominic from ROG)

My Cousin Vinny / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Who do you call when two youths are mistakenly charged with murder? My Cousin Vinny, of course! It has great acting and comedic timing.
(Holly C. from TPL/Librarian)

True Detective / Nic Pizzolatto
Set in the eerie Louisiana countryside, this moody buddy detective story will have you on edge as they uncover a chilling, dark conspiracy. Harrelson and McConaughey play brilliantly off each other with their divergent characters. This series had me glued from the title song.
(Ken SLC)